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Into to Art 7 & 8: Syllabus

Intro to Art
Intro to Art

Course Description:

-In this course we will explore the “Principles of Design.” We will use Art history, projects, worksheets, quizzes and tests to explore each of the design principles.

-Principles of design: contrast, emphasis, pattern, unity, rhythm, balance and movement

Student Expectations:

-Students must have a signed pass to enter or leave the room once class has started. No passes will be signed during the first 20 minutes of class. Each student will be allowed 3 passes per quarter.

-No pre-signed passes will be accepted unless the person issuing the pass has discussed it with me.

-Students are required to have a pencil (no mechanical pencils) and notebook for class each day. Students will be assigned a storage drawer in which they may keep: work in progress, notebook and pencil. Students are expected to keep their work area and supplies clean.

-Students are to be on time and in their assigned seat. Any student, who is not sitting in his/her assigned seat, when the bell rings, will be considered tardy. After 3 unexcused tardys, students will be referred to the principal for detention.

-All students will have assigned seats. Any student who refuses to sit in his assigned seat will be considered insubordinate and sent to the office.

-Students that use inappropriate language will be given detention.

-Any student who is absent from class will be expected to get the assignment from the teacher or another class member.

-Students are not allowed in any of the storage areas or the teacher’s desk, without the teacher’s permission.


-All assignments must be turned in on the due date. Assignments will drop one letter grade for each day they are late. Any assignment more than five days late will automatically receive a failing grade. Assignments that are not completed will receive a zero.


-Grades will be based on projects, quizzes, worksheets, classroom participation and tests.
Projects will be graded using a grading rubric.

Neatness project /supplies ________25
Creativity/effort ________25
Use of class time ________25
Objectives ________25

Students will receive 5 points a day for daily work. To receive all 5 points the students will:
Listen / be attentive
Follow directions
Take notes
Be on task/ not talk or be disruptive
Put full effort into the project
Be prepared for class

Grading scale:
100-90 A
89-80 B
79-70 C
69-60 D
59-0 F


-The following measures will be applied to students who choose to break the classroom rules:

1st time: verbal warning
2nd time: the student will be asked to leave the classroom and sit in the hall for the remainder of the class period, a note will be sent home to be signed by the parents
3rd time: 30 minutes detention or sent to the office.

Parent/ student/ teacher contact:

-Parents or students with questions may contact me by telephone or E-mail.
(507) 245-3533 X 286 or

This syllabus is subject to change, if needed.

Students please keep this syllabus for future reference
Please detach and return the bottom portion to the teacher

I have read the above syllabus with my child

Student’s name __________________________________date_______________

Signature of parent or guardian__________________________________________


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