St. Clair Public School - Food Service Menu

The menu's are subject to change.  Assorted milk is served at breakfast and lunch.
Healthy eating is all about making adjustments.  Our new menu guidelines are no exception. We now have the flexibility to offer a little more grains and proteins, while staying with the same calorie maximums.  Don't worry, the new higher amounts of fruits and veggies are still in place too!

The lunch menus will be as follows:
Friday, February 24th:  Main Line-Cheese Omelet & Frudel*, Hash Brown Potatoes, Sauteed Red Peppers, Juice & Milk
                                          Salad Bar-Meatball Sub Sandwich
Monday, February 27th:  Main Line-Shredded Beef on Bun, California Blend Vegetables, Cucumber Slices, Fresh Fruit & Milk
                                             Salad Bar-Homemade Chili* & Dinner Roll

Tuesday's menu will be as originally planned, and the March menu will be coming out soon!




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March Food Service Menu
February Food Service Menu