Google Earth image of Saint Clair Minnesota
courtesy of Google Earth
St. Clair Public Schools is a K-12  rural school located 10 miles southeast of Mankato in the community of St. Clair. The current population for the community of St. Clair, as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2015, is 848.

The school contains an K-6 grade elementary and a 7-12 grade high school with a total approximate enrollment of 670.

In 2003 the district obtained voter approval to begin construction and renovation of its building and grounds. After the project the school's buildings and its contained educational rooms are quite functional in their use for the education of the students here.

The district infrastructure is state of the art with fiber optics to the desktop in 90% of the building. In addition, the district buildings have wireless coverage in approximately 90-95% of its building footprint.