Welcome to the St. Clair School District

Welcome to the St. Clair School District and thank you for checking our website.  It is my pleasure, and honor, to be in my first year of providing educational leadership to the school district and the community of St. Clair.

Approximately twenty-eight years ago I lived in the District, sent our daughter Betsie to kindergarten, and I coached the high school varsity football team for three years.  I was offered the position of superintendent, in another community, and my wife Tamie and I made the decision to follow that professional opportunity and we moved out of the community.  For the past twenty-six years, I have been a superintendent in several rural school districts as well as a suburban school district. 

During my thirty-five years in education it has always remained consistent that the best educational system has employees who care about students and staff that are able to connect with those students.  It has been a long-standing tradition, and goal, for the St. Clair School District to provide a personalized educational experience for every student in the system.  It is my intent to make sure that the St. Clair School District continues with that tradition. If we don’t. . . I want to hear about it.

Thank you for choosing, or considering, to put your child’s educational and social experience in our hands. 

Tim Collins