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Open Source Software

Countless opportunities exisits to find educational software that is free to download and use.  It is called Open Source Software.  Even though most of these sites are trustworthy it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that  you have current and up-to-date anti-virus and SPAM protection enabled!

Here are some links

TuxPaint - Free program (similar to KidsInspiration) drawing program for children ages 3 to 12

Open Office - Free version of Microsoft Office Suite


Useful Links

Adobe Acrobat Reader - Software to read 'PDF' files on you computer

Adobe Flash Player - Required by many websites to properly view their pages

Kaspersky - Antivirus / Spam / Internet Protection Software- Has Free Scanning (Must purchase to remove)

AVG - Antivirus / Spam / Internet Protection Software

Nortons - Antivirus / Spam / Internet Protection Software

McAfee - Antivirus / Spam / Internet Protection Software


Links for Staff

Smart NoteBook - Software for designing lessons that can be used in classrooms with or without a SmartBoard.  NOTE: DO NOT LOAD DRIVERS FOR THE SMARTBOARD ON YOUR HOME SYSTEM.  It will cause it to boot very slowly, while it is looking for the SmartBoard.