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St Clair Public Schools Technology Objective

It is the objective of the IT department to provide both staff and students with positive interaction with current technologies.  This includes, but is not limited to, exposure to alternative teaching/learning methods, in a Windows based operating environments, with limited Macintosh based operating environment, with utilization of the World Wide Web as a tool for exploration and help develop knowledge of current trends in data processing and data security areas.


With the interaction of students, staff and community, St. Clair Public Schools will be able to establish a learning environment that will help develop individuals with lifelong technology skills for use within their personal and professional lives.

Tech Rich Lab


  St Clair Public Schools with the recent completion of a building project is currently on of the few public schools in the state that has a majority of it connectivity that is fiber to the desktop technology.



  This is one of the two computer labs located in the new high school wing with 25 computers available for staff, student and community use.  The wall is removable allowing access to the second lab, providing a total of 58 computers available for a given session.

Approximatelt 90% of the entire building has wireless connectivity thru the use of 3 portable labs located in the Media Center, Elementary and High School.

The elementary has a computer lab with 30 workstations and is used for a variety of functions ranging from keyboarding to Powerpoint presentations.


In addition, all elemenatry classrooms are furnished with 3 to 4 workstations in each.  These workstations enable the students to take advantage of on-line learning tools such as SkillsTutor, World Book Encylopedia and Accelerated Reader & Math.