School Meals
St. Clair School provides breakfast and lunch each school year through the National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs.  Beginning with the 2023-2024 School Year, breakfast and lunch is offered free of charge to all students, Preschool - Grade 12, through the MN Free School Meals Program.
*Note:  A second breakfast is available for $2.50 / second lunch for $5.00
*Note:  Adult meal prices:  Breakfast $2.50 / Lunch $5.00

Free & Reduced-Price Applications
Families are still encouraged to apply for free and reduced-price meals if they are within the income guidelines, as that may qualify students for other fee reductions or programs, and will generate additional revenue for the school district.
To see if you qualify, complete the form and return it to the Business Manager. (CLICK HERE FOR FORM)    This application must be completed annually.


 A-LA-CARTE ITEMS:  Extra milk is $0.50; second entrees, and other a-la-carte items are charged separately.  Students in grades 7-12 are allowed a-la-carte purchases, provided they have a positive meal account balance.  Students in Kindergarten-Grade 6 are allowed extra milk, including milk break purchases, provided they have a positive meal account balance.  Remember that our food service program is a pre-pay program.  Please reference the Unpaid Meal Charges & Debt Collection Procedures for more information.

PAYMENTS:  Cash and Check Payments may be turned in to any office at school, or online through the Online Payments Quick Link on the Home Page. 

JMC ACCESS:  Parents/Guardians may view their child’s food service account balance on the school website through their JMC Parent Login.  If you do not have log-in information, please contact the Elementary or High School Office to set-up your account.


PRESCHOOL MEALS:  Preschool breakfast and lunches qualify for the MN Free School Meals Program, so they will be served at no charge.


SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS:  Students requiring dietary modifications must have the attached form completed by their medical provider and returned to the Food Service Director.  

LACTOSE-FREE MILK:  Students requiring special milk must have the attached form completed by their parent/guardian and returned to the Food Service Director.

BACKPACK and POWER PACK FOOD PROGRAM:  These are free programs providing students in grades K-8 with weekend food packs containing breakfast, lunch, and a snack for each day off of school.  Food packs will be delivered weekly directly to a student's backpack while they are at lunch or on break.  Sign-up today to give your child an added boost of nutrition!   

SNACK CART:  Due to changes in the food service program, snack cart is no longer available for purchase through the school.  Elementary families are asked to provide a daily snack.  Teachers will have more information regarding the distribution of snack during the September back-to-school conferences.

ELEMENTARY MILK BREAK:  Through the MN Kindergarten Milk Program, one milk for snack break is provided for all KINDERGARTEN students at no charge.  Students in grades 1-6 will be charged $0.50 per milk if they choose to have milk with their snack.  This is approximately $86.00 for the year.  Please add money to your student's meal account if you plan on your child taking milk during snack break.  If this expense creates financial hardship for your family, there is a grant available to pay for milk during snack break.  Please contact the Business Manager, Kelly Zabel to request these funds.

For additional Food Service information, please contact:

Kelly Zabel
PO Box 99, St. Clair MN 56080
Phone: (507) 245-3501, ext. 222