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Dustin Bosshart
Mr. Dustin Bosshart
Welcome to the St. Clair Public School website. I hope you find our website to be user-friendly and filled with valuable information.

St. Clair is a unique school with a small town feel, but offers similar curriculum to the larger schools in the area. Our staff has a special blend of experience and youth, with all having a love for teaching our community’s youth.

The District's Mission Statement is:
"The St. Clair Learning Community will maximize learning for all, in order to thrive in an ever changing world."

In addition to the mission statement the St. Clair District has five core values:
1. Growth - Continuous transformation with a purpose.
2. Student-focused - The needs of the students come first.
3. Respect - Honor the diversity of self, all people, all things and
4. Community - About all of us all of the time.
5. Stewardship - Shared ownership of where and how we work,
learn and play.

We are a school that values our student's input and want to empower each student by allowing them to take ownership in our building. We do this through student summits during the school year where students have a chance to make suggestions to improve our school. These suggestions range from creating a new cell phone policy, improving the climate, or making suggestions on the appearance of the building. All theses suggestions are considered and many are implemented with the student's help.

This philosophy has strengthened our students desire to give back to the area and help others as was evident in the 2010-11 school year. That year the community was hit by a sudden rain storm that caused our tranquil river to rise unexpectedly and at a time when most of the community were at work. The city called upon our students for help and help they did. By the fast acting and eager willingness of our student body, the students saved the community from being flooded and millions of dollars by filling and placing 10,000 of the 25,000 sandbags during the fall floods, without them our water treatment plant would have been lost.

This act of community support by our students continued in the 2012-13 school year. Once again our students were able to raise; in excess of 1500 pounds of food for the local food shelf , donated over 1000 items to the "toys for tots" drive, raised nearly $21,000 for the American Cancer Society and a fellow student that was stricken with cancer, our NHS famine drive netted over $2800 this past spring, and finally our senior class spent 2 full days working on improving the grounds of the school district laying rock, mulch, wood chips, planting various greenery, pulling weeds and helping the athletic backers with various tasks on the athletic complex. All these efforts were initiated, directed and completed by our students with minimal help from our staff.

Here at St. Clair a student has the opportunity to earn thirty-three college credits without leaving the building. This is done with a partnership with the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities Campus College in Schools program and the College Now program through the University of Minnesota at Southwest State (Marshall). We are also partnered with the Southern Minnesota Tech Prep Consortium, where students may receive credit through South Central College in Mankato.

St. Clair High School and Rasmussen College, Mankato Campus have entered into a partnership in their Early Start program. Students take courses online through Rasmussen College in our building and receive dual credit. This allows St. Clair to offer more options to our students that we may not otherwise be able to, including, but not limited to, nursing, computer, business, criminal justice and other courses. Students are able to pursue a degree while staying in high school. Please click on this link to find out what degrees are available.

This past year we will partnered with area schools to launch a Health Science Academy and an Agri-Science Academy. These academies will be off-campus for the first two hours of the day and allow students to receive academic and hands-on training in Health and Agri-Science careers. In fact, a student could become a certified nursing assistant upon the completion of the the two year program. Also included in the Health academy are tracks for sports medicine and pharmacy technician careers.

According to a study done by Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and the University of Minnesota, St. Clair graduates boast one of the lowest rates of students requiring remediation courses during their college careers. We pride ourselves in preparing students for a successful life after high school.

A four year college path may not be what a student wants, but don't worry we offer many electives that will allow every student to prepare for life after high school. Computers, accounting, technology, careers and personal finance courses help prepare our students for real life experiences before our kids graduate. Whether it’s managing personal finances, creating hands on projects or computer generated presentations, St. Clair Public School has it covered.

St. Clair offers the traditional English, math, science, and social studies with advanced courses in each area, along with over 70 electives including band, choir and art. If a student doesn’t see a course offering, a possible option is ITV from other schools around the state.

St. Clair prides itself on providing our students with the most up to date technology that a school can offer. Every classroom is equipped with a smartboard, we have four computer labs for our students, and we require two computer courses to be taken in order to graduate, one in 7th grade and one as a sophomore.

We are currently in our 3rd year of our 1:1 net book program which provides a net book to every student in grades 7-12. Along with the net book program we are in our 3rd year of offering blended learning courses, and in 2013-14 school year all junior and senior classes will be offered in a blended format, excluding a few that do not lend themselves to be effective with this model such as band, choir, art, etc.

Within the next 5 years all our curriculum will be transferred to a digital format with our staff creating their own digital textbooks and curriculum freeing the students of having to carry around heavy, expensive and outdated textbooks. All courses 7-12 will implement a digital component in every unit that will be taught throughout the year. In addition, the students have access to five computer labs, each having at least twenty-five computers and every classroom is equipped with a smart board for classroom use.

We believe this will prepare students for what the world will be offering them once they are done with high school.

Please contact me with any questions that you may have about our school.

We are ready for the the 2013-14 school year and excited about all the new things that will be happening, we hope you are too.

Dustin D. Bosshart, Secondary Principal
St. Clair High School
121 W. Main St.
St. Clair, MN 56080

"The St. Clair Educational Community will maximize learning for all, in order to thrive in an ever changing world."

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